Wakey Wakey Collection of Soaps

The Squeaky Clean Collection


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The perfect gifting collection made up of six individually sliced and gift wrapped creamy chocolate, lucious strawberry, very berry, tangy citrus, mint choc chunk and white linen handmade soaps, hand tied with crisp ribbons.

Fragrance: (Chocolate) A rich and smooth dark chocolate fragranace with a distinct notes of cocoa. (Strawberry) Top notes of sun ripened luscious red strawberries with vibrant red berries. (Very Berry) Sweet ripe fresh delcious red berry fruits, (Citrus) A vibrant citrus with a lovely fresh zesty aroma (Mint) A sparking fresh peppermint with notes of green herbs, (White Linen) The perfect fragrance that reminds you of clean fresh linen, (Cappuccino) Fabulous and warming scent of fresh and hot strong creamy coffee.

Handmade: in Scotland by Sheenashona

Base: Vegetable based, vegan friendly

Weight: 7 x 100 gram bars 

Delivery: Free UK Delivery Available

About the Collection: How many times have you bought a gift for someone and loved it so much that you wished you had kept it for yourself or bought two or three, now you can. The Handmade Collection was created to include a selection of fabulous gifts which are individually wrapped so you can gift and keep one for yourself. 

Ingredients  - Aqua: Glycerine: Sorbitol: Sodium Stearate: Sorbitol: Sodium Laurate: Propylene Glycol: Sodium Laureth Sulphate: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate: Sodium Chloride: Stearic Acid: Lauric Acid: Titanium Dioxide: Pentasodium Pentetate: Tetrasodium Etidronate, (Chocolate Soap) Double Chocolate Delight 10850 (Fragrance), Buttercup Yellow ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, Tangerine Red ci77019, ci77891, ci16035, ci77861, Deep Bronze ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, ci7749 (Colour) (Strawberry Soap) Strawberry RA (Fragrance), Tangerine Red ci77019, ci77891, ci16035, ci77861 (Colour) (Very Berry Soap) - Red Summer Fruits 20408 (Fragrance), Plum Purple ci77019, ci77491, ci77891, ci77861, ci77742, ci77499 (Colour) (Citrus Soap) Orange Citrus JB93 (Fragrance), Apricot ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, ci77742, ci77861 & Tangerine Red ci77019, ci77891, ci16035, ci77861 (Colour) (Mint Soap) Mint skl0803 (Fragrance), Deep Bronze ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, ci7749, Green Oasis Green ci77019, ci77891, ci77288 (Colour).   (White Linen Soap) Linen Fresh 0702 (Fragrance), Blue Electra ci77019, ci77891, ci77007, ci77861 (Colour), (Cappuccino Soap) Offee ll 99 (Fragrance), Deep Bronze ci77019, ci77891, ci77492, ci7749, Buttercup Yellow Mica Pigment ci77019, ci77891, ci77492 (Colour)


To use - Wet soap with water, lather vigorously and wash skin, rinse and dry thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types.


Warning - Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets in the eyes rinse immediately with clean warm water. If skin irritation occurs discontinue use. If irritation persists consult your doctor.


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