precious metal guide

A Guide To Precious Metals

A metal is defined as precious when it is rare but naturally occurring and is typically of high economic value. Precious metals include platinum, gold and silver.

Historically precious metals were important as currency in the form of gold and silver coins. Today however precious metals are more typicallly used in industry, art or jewellery. Here at Sheenashona Jewellery we only create jewellery collections from precious metals.

Why, well precious metals have the ability to withstand corrosive and oxidative forces therefore jewellery which is made from platinum, gold or silver if looked after correctly can be worn time and again and past down the generations. Knowing also what your jewellery is made of will also help you assess its value during the purchasing process, after all there is a reason your dad hides his gold coins or mum locks away the family silverware.

To help you on a quick and easy educational journey here at Sheenashona Jewellery we have put together a simple guide to precious metals which includes -

• Platinum
• Gold
• Gold Vermeil
• Sterling Silver