A World of Diamonds

Welcome to the wonderful world of diamonds at Sheenashona Jewellery

Learn all about the history of diamonds from when they were first mined in India over 4000 years ago until the present day diamond mining as we know it today.  They have a natural beauty which we cut to perfection as you can discover in diamonds by their shape. This illustrates an interesting history on the shape of diamonds from the brilliant cut to the famous asscher cut.

Learn all about the 4C's of diamonds which covers the importance of the cut, colour, clarity and carat plus our helpful guide on how to determine what carat of diamond to buy.

Learn all about why diamond certification and diamond ethical sourcing through the Kimberley diamond process is important? 

Need to know how to care for your diamonds along with your 18ct white gold or platinum precious metals or are you just ready to shop? ........

Let us inspire your choice why not read all about famous Hollywood engagement rings or click here to shop the Sheenashona Perfectly Fine Collection.